Universidade de Vigo

The Universidade de Vigo is a young and dynamic institution that offers a wide range of training programs in the three specialized and innovative campuses that make it up

We are present in the municipalities of Ourense, Pontevedra and Vigo with three specialized campuses where you will find more than 30 centers for training and research, as well as facilities for sports and leisure, with a continuous cultural program. We also have the Campus of International Excellence Campus do Mar lead by the Universidade de Vigo and which adds more than 3000 researchers, forming a cross-border network of research and knowledge with the sea as a driving force.

In our campuses you can study 121 official degrees and masters, 39 doctoral programs, 7 joint programming degrees and 4 degrees with mutual recognition agreements with foreign universities. We also offer hundreds of programs, events, workshops and language courses and, of course, our Seniors university program.

The Universidade de Vigo has been built on deep positive values, based on transparency and good management, integration, equality, diversity and respect for the environment. We are committed to specialization and quality research and, as an institution committed to the social and economic environment, the transfer of knowledge to society is central for us, so we strive for research to continually revert to social development.