Post-growth Innovation Lab

Imagine a New Society : science, technology and innovation in a post-growth world

What would Science, Technology and Innovation look like in a world not driven by the endless pursuit of economic growth ? What exciting futures would begin to take shape if we harnessed technological and scientific advances for something other than growth alone ? What new worlds might we be able to conceive if human wellbeing and the natural environment were the primary focus of innovation ?

Here at the Post-Growth Innovation Lab, these questions lie at the heart of our work. Our research strives to address the important dilemmas that face Science, Technology and Innovation within the context of a post-growth world. Innovating without growth means using interdisciplinary thinking to reimagine a new future : a future sensitive to the needs of the different stakeholders who will inhabit it, and able to address the economic, ecological, sociopolitical, and gender-based inequalities that affect us all.