Innovation without the purpose of growth : the emergence and scaling-wide of postgrowth organisations

noesya was invited to participate in this research project funded by the European Research Council (ERC)

What is the purpose of the project ?

There is evidence to suggest that economic growth levels need to reduce to achieve a sustainable society. Organisations play a key role in influencing these levels. However, the view that organisations need to operate and innovate for the purpose of economic growth persists. Organisations have only been meagrely researched in the context of non-growth scenarios, while innovation had investigated even less in connection to this. The aim of this study is to understand on the one hand how organisations might align with non-growth narratives and on the other hand where influences for such an alignment might stem from. Further, we hope to highlight what struggles organisations face due to a non-growth alignment in a world dominated by the imperative of continued economic growth. With this we hope to shed light on what the barriers and enablers are for organisations in helping to achieve a sustainable society.

Organisations involved

People involved

Alexis Benoit

Co-fondateur et co-gérant de noesya, maître de conférences associé à l'IUT Bordeaux Montaigne

Arnaud Levy

Co-fondateur de noesya, maître de conférences associé et directeur des études à l'IUT Bordeaux Montaigne

Ben Robra

Postdoctoral Researcher in Degrowth/Postgrowth, Innovation, and Organisation at Universidade de Vigo - Founding Editor at Degrowth Journal